…are Messages of hope, kindness & solidarity from our members and followers which we share on Twitter and Facebook during the COVID-19 crisis.

Nobody anticipated a pandemic outbreak like this, nobody knew that our strength and our achievements could be valuable for other causes in the future. But here we are. Our hearts and our spirits need to come closer together than ever.

We need each other and can give each other strength. And it is exactly this strength that we need to keep passing on to others.

So we want to encourage you to reach out to one another by writing messages of support.The #InLimboMessages will be your voices of support and encouragement to each other. 

We will share precautions you took to ensure the most vulnerable are safe. We will publish your stories of kindness, solidarity and consideration towards others.

We also want to hear from the people working in the health sector. Doctors. Carers. Nurses.Paramedics.

We want to hear about acts of kindness in your neighbourhood and appreciation for the NHS staff. Tell us about the different ways you are coping and how you are keeping your spirits up over things you have no control over and what you are doing about the things you do have control over. MentalHealth is an important issue during this trying time – also for our physical health.So we can be medicine for each other by being there for each other.Let us spread kindness, love, hope and solidarity to the worldWe have asked thousands of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU to tell us how the referendum has affected them.

These are your messages to each other

If you also want to share a message of hope, solidarity and/or a story of kindness and compassion, you can submit your message here. We will turn it into an #InLimboMessage for you and then share it on social media.

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