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Our Books


Both In Limbo Project anthologies give a voice to a sample of the neglected 5 million citizens who have built their lives on their rights to Freedom of Movement and are now at risk of losing everything in the Brexit shambles.

We really hope that these In Limbo books will help alert the British and EU politicians to the plight of this neglected group of citizens who have the most to lose from Brexit and encourage a prompt, effective and comprehensive resolution of the pressing question of the rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU.

We thank you in anticipation for reading our books and supporting our cause.

In Limbo & In Limbo Too

In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies from EU citizens in the UK –

2nd edition (2020)

This not-for-profit book was compiled and edited by Elena Remigi (an Italian interpreter and translator resident in the UK for fifteen years), Véronique Martin (a French writer resident in the UK for thirty years) and Tim Sykes (a British editor). The testimonies written by EU citizens in the UK were collected since the early months of 2017 and are published with their full consent. They describe in moving details the trauma caused by the uncertainty their authors have been experiencing since the Brexit referendum in June 2016.

This book comes with  thought-provoking and touching forewords by George Szirtes and Ian Dunt. It aims to give a voice to a sample of the three million who are so often treated in the British political discourse and tabloid press as a depersonalised mass of ‘migrants’. In contrast, this anthology reveals them as citizens and as individuals, whose lives have been interrupted and plunged into a painful limbo by political events in which they have had no say.

Author: Elena Remigi (Editor), Veronique Martin (Editor), Tim Sykes (Editor)
Second  Edition – Published August 2020
Publisher: Spokesman’s Books.
ISBN-13: 978 0 85124 8899    Buy here 



In Limbo Too: Brexit Testimonies from UK citizens in the EU

The second not-for-profit book of the In Limbo duology was compiled and edited by Elena Remigi and a team of co-editors both from the groups
In Limbo – Our Brexit testimonies”  and  “Brexpats – Hear Our Voice

The introduction is written by Professor A.C. Grayling. This second volume, In Limbo Too, continues where In Limbo had left off and focuses on the British in the EU.

It represents further proof of the deep solidarity between the EU in UK and UK in EU citizens – a united European family, their distress and limbo, mirror images of one another across the Channel.

Author: Mrs Elena Remigi (Author, Editor, Draft Writer), Debbie Williams (Editor), Helen De Cruz (Editor), Sarah Pybus (Editor), Clarissa Killwick (Editor), Paul Blackburn (Editor), Prof A.C. Grayling (Foreword), Alice Harrey (Cover Design)
First edition – Published 22 June 2018
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN-13: 978-1721674244

Buy here (paperback)

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