Announcement – 16. March 2020

This is a difficult time for all of us and the In Limbo admin team has been thinking long and hard how we as the #InLimboProject  will position ourselves during this time.

#InLimbo has always been about making our voices heard, raising awareness of our situation caused by the referendum and Brexit, telling the stories of the EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU.

This was necessary because most of the population in the UK and EU was not affected by this as we were, was not even aware of our situation and the impact it has on us.

Right now all our thoughts are dominated by one topic- a virus that is affecting the whole world, a virus that does not differentiate by nationality, colour, religion or race.

Those thoughts blend out a lot of other issues and right now is a time to come together, even when we physically keep our distances to stay safe.

So we took a step back and looked at what we achieved in the last 3 years that can now be used for coping with a situation we thought we never had to cope with –  and to be honest, what we found is incredible!

The In Limbo FB group was formed in solidarity caused by a common pain, regardless of nationality, colour, sexual orientation or race. We have shown empathy and supported each other during the darkest times. We have already done what the world needs to do right now and we have built a network amongst each other that is unbelievably strong.

We have reached so many people and we are being listened to.  With our FB page and Twitter we have so many supporters and our posts and tweets get shared by 1000s. We have built connections to influential people and our channels are open to so many politicians.

Nobody anticipated a pandemic outbreak like this, nobody knew that our strength and our achievements could be valuable for other causes in the future. But here we are.

Our hearts and our spirits need to come closer together than ever. We need each other and can give each other strength. And it is exactly this strength that we need to keep passing on to others.

So we want to encourage you to reach out to one another. Call each other more often, but also write messages of support.

The #InLimboVoices will need to get written from a different angle for now. We will turn your voices of support and encouragement into #InLimboVoices. We will share precautions you took to ensure the most vulnerable are safe.

We will publish your stories of kindness, solidarity and consideration towards others.

We want to hear from the people working in the health sector. Doctors. Carers. Nurses. Paramedics.

We want to hear about acts of kindness in your neighbourhood and appreciation for the NHS staff.

Join our FB group, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our FB page if you have not done so already.

Tell us about the different ways you are coping and how you are keeping your spirits up over things you have no control over and what you are doing about the things you do have control over.

Mental Health is an important issue during this trying time – also for our physical health.

So we can be medicine for each other by being there for each other.

We want to encourage you to make each other smile by sharing acts of kindness, but never belittle the fears and anguish of others. We all cope differently. Please, keep this in mind!

Thank you all for reading, thank you all for being there, thank you all for the incredible participation that brought so much love into our In Limbo community

Any suggestions are welcome on how we can position ourselves further during this time and what else we can do with our network and resources of incredible caring people.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Your In Limbo Project Team

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